Ministry of Rural Development Internship Programme- PRATIBHA

Program for Action through Internship in Bharat (PRATIBHA)

Guidelines for Internship Program under MoRD

The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) launches the “Program for Action through Internship in Bharat” (PRATIBHA) to provide graduates and post-graduates with experiential learning opportunities in rural development, aiming to foster innovative ideas and professional growth.


  • Provide a platform for experiential learning to graduates and post-graduates.
  • Infuse fresh energy and innovative ideas into the rural development sector.

Internship Details

  • Number of Interns: As per State requirements.
  • Area of Internship: All programs, offices, and local bodies connected with MoRD and MoPR. Other ministries may join on a case-to-case basis.
  • Duration: Minimum 2 months to a maximum of 1 year.
  • Place of Posting: District/Block/Producer Enterprise/Cluster Level or any scheme under MoRD.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nationality: Indian citizens only.
  • Educational Qualifications: Graduates/Post-Graduates/Diploma/PG Diploma/Advanced Diploma in:
    • Rural Management
    • Engineering (Infrastructure)
    • Economics
    • Marketing
    • Strategic Management
    • Social Development
    • Public Policy
    • Governance
    • Data Analytics
    • Finance
  • Skills: Excellent computer knowledge, strong communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Age Limit: Not more than 30 years as of the last application date. Degree/Diploma must be completed within three years of applying for the internship.

Selection Process

  • Application Portal: Applications to be submitted through the PRATIBHA Portal (MoRD – AICTE portal).
  • Statement of Purpose: Applicants must submit a brief statement (max 1000 words) covering their educational qualifications, proposed area of work, and objectives for the internship.
  • Preference: Given to applicants with relevant work experience.
  • Selection Committee: Each state will have a Selection and Review Committee to evaluate applications.


Interns must maintain confidentiality of all documents, reports, and information obtained during the internship. A confidentiality agreement may be required.

Notice Period

Interns must provide a one-week notice before leaving the internship and must be formally relieved by the PRATIBHA/Competent Authority.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Induction Program: One-week orientation to MoRD schemes and intern roles.
  • Work Schedule: Defined by the State and followed by the intern.
  • Reporting: Monthly progress reports and a detailed project report at the end of the internship.

Review and Assessment

  • The Selection and Review Committee will periodically review intern progress and conduct a final assessment.

Stipend and Allowances

  • The internship is unpaid, but states/districts may offer compensation based on local requirements and work quantum.


  • Interns receive a digitally signed certificate from MoRD, AICTE, and the local authority upon successful completion.
  • Interns who complete at least two months but leave before the full term will receive a certificate for the duration completed. No certificate is given for internships less than two months.

Contact Information


For any questions about the program, please contact via email at


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