How to Enrolled in the Course of Programme on school Leadership and Management (PSLM)

Dear All Participant ,

Please check the process of enrollment in the course.

Step 1 : After the Register for the Programme. You can see the dashboard.

Step 2: Now have to click on All course button this is showing top menu bar.

Step 3 : After The click on All course Button . You can see School Leadership for School Heads and principals in blue color tab. click on Tab

Step 4 : After the click you can see Foundation course Tab. Please Click on foundation Course tab.

Step 5: After the click on this tab. You can see all the 8 course.
Step 6 : Click on first course perspective on school Leadership

Step 7 : After the You have to enroll on this course. So click on Enroll me Button in this course

Step 8 : After that you are enrolled for this course now you can see here.

Step 9 : Now you can start your course. Firstly you have to complete your study material . So you can click on study material.

Step 10 : Now you can see your course material .

Step 11 : you have to read study material unit wise. When your reading part done . you have to click on Exit button. This button is show in the last chapter of the study material.

Step 11 : After the click on Exit button . you will redirect on introduction page . Now your 50% course complete with the check tick

Step 12 : Now you can attempt your MCQ .

Step 13 : After the completion of first course . Same process all remaining 7 Courses.

Thank You !





11 thoughts on “How to Enrolled in the Course of Programme on school Leadership and Management (PSLM)

  1. सर, स्वतःचा विकास -कोर्स 2
    Study marerial la mark होत नाही त्यामुळे mcq ओपन होत नाही.
    मी सर्व अभ्यास केला आहे. वाचन केले आहे.

  2. I ever time missing my ID and password so send me and link
    But I was learning our trening on disha app s unit 10 be getting me srtficet a
    But never use my of time on home.
    So send me ID, Password

  3. मेरा अभ्यासक्रम पूरा हो चूका है। MCQ के सवाल जबाब भी हो चूके है। मैने 3 केस स्टडीज भी मेल कर दिए है। अब कृृृृृृपया और क्या करना होगा यह मार्गदर्शन करें।

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