How to submit your Valuable Feedback on Online Programme on school Leadership and Management (PSLM)?

Feedback on an online program on school leadership would involve providing comments, opinions, and suggestions on various aspects of the program. Here are some areas you may want to consider while providing feedback on an online program on school leadership:

  1. Content: You can provide feedback on the relevance and quality of the content of the program. Does the program cover the necessary topics? Is the content well-structured and easy to follow?
  2. Delivery: You can provide feedback on the delivery of the program, including the quality of the lectures and any other instructional materials. Are the videos and other materials of good quality? Is the instruction clear and easy to understand?
  3. Interactivity: You can provide feedback on the level of interactivity in the program. Is there enough opportunity for interaction with other learners and with the instructors? Are there opportunities for discussion and collaboration?
  4. Support: You can provide feedback on the level of support provided by the program administrators and instructors. Are they responsive to your questions and concerns? Are there enough resources available to help you through the program?
  5. Overall experience: You can provide feedback on your overall experience with the program. Did you find it useful and engaging? Did it meet your expectations? Would you recommend it to others?

Your feedback on an online program on school leadership can help the program administrators and instructors improve the quality of the program and make it more effective for future learners.


Top of Form

Step 1 : Type on you browser . click on feedback menu. you can see top menu. Bottom of Form

Step 2 : After click on feedback button and you can see one textarea . Here You can enter Your feedback content .

Step 3: Fill your details and submit your answer your feedback submitted successfully. and you can download your certificate.


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