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About Celebrating School Leadership (CSL)

CSL stands for Celebrating School Leadership, which is an initiative by NCSL (National Centre for School Leadership) and NIEPA (National Institute of Education Planning and Administration) to recognize and document outstanding school leadership across the Indian education system. The focus is on developing an ecosystem that transforms the quality of teaching-learning, community participation, overall school organization, interpersonal relationships in and outside the school, innovations, teamwork, and use of technology for school development. The initiative involves submitting case studies of exemplary schools and leaders, which will be used to extract leadership practices from across the country and eventually evolve models and/or theories of leadership that work in the Indian context.


The text mentions several objectives, including improving school administration through technology and e-governance, realizing the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) through school leadership, transforming schools and teaching-learning processes, leading teacher development, recalibrating school leadership in the light of NEP 2020, improving schools through community and school management committees, promoting leadership for inclusion and equity, addressing the mental health and well-being of school leaders, and nurturing leadership in diverse school contexts. Additionally, the text provides a template for documenting school leadership practices through case studies. The objective of the case studies is to establish common standards and support school heads in documenting their leadership efforts and sharing leadership lessons. These case studies will be reviewed by a committee and selected schools will be visited by university departments, SCERTs, and DIETs to substantiate the information shared and highlight teaching-learning processes.

Who can Write?

Teachers in leadership roles, head teachers, principals, researchers and administrators, NGOs and scholars from academic institutes who have led the school towards transformation or supported the school towards transformation as Cluster/School Complex, Block or District Officers or even as members of SMC/MTA/PTA. They can also nominate their peers who they know to have demonstrated transformational leadership or mentored and supported HoS in the transformational journey.

Template for Case Study Writing

To establish common standards and support school heads and documenting their leadership efforts. A template for documenting leadership practices is being shared for ease of assessment, sharing on public forums and drawing leadership lessons.


It should consist of a description of School’s context describing its socioeconomic, cultural, educational and religious dynamics as also highlighting the issues, challenges and problems that underwent transformation. The following information could be provided:

  1. School name, location and complete address, phone number, mail id
  2. A brief profile of the School which includes total student and teacher strength, classrooms, administrative staff, infrastructure
  3. The present scenario; key strengths and weaknesses of the school (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Analysis).
  4. The description of community – cultural pressures; values, attitudes, needs and expectations; skills, chief occupation.
  5. The problem situation – what and why; the challenges and issues;
  6. The change initiated, the Plan of Action, Strategy, Outcome,
  7. Time taken to bring the change, the processes involved, the failures, the successes, most importantly; the learning
  8. The role of school leadership, behavior modeling and example setting by the head of school and other factors relevant to the transformation, other key influential personalities/groups – their feelings/views (expressed in verbatim as quotes)
  9. The theory of change – which means the turning points for the school head/leader, the reflections on what worked and why or the ‘mantra’ for change.

Formatting Style:

It should be sent both in hard and soft copies in A4 size pages typed in 1.5 space using size 12 of Times New Roman font and keeping one and half inches margin on each side of the page (hard copies only for languages other than English).


The write-up could be substantiated with pictures of the events, the pre and post situation of the school, the phenomena of change and videos if any of the school.

Note: NCSL would invite university departments, SCERTs and DIETs to visit selected schools from each state and substantiate the information shared in the case study with their personal observations. It should further highlight the teaching learning processes, the 6 community participation, the overall school organization, the inter-personal relationships in and outside the school, innovations, team work and use of technology for school development. The key purpose of repeating this entire exercise with the help of researchers is to use these case studies for learning, extracting leadership practices from across the country and eventually evolving models and /or theories of leadership that work in Indian Context.

If you are not a practitioner and are submitting case study of the school you visited, please clearly mention your personal details as also the details of the school leader in description. Each case study should be accompanied by the following information: title of the case study; name of the case writer (s); address and telephone(s) of the Case Writer(s) and fax/email where available. The case writer(s) should also state whether the case study has been approved for publication by the concerned organization or whether approval is yet to be taken; and, finally, the signature(s) of the case writer(s).

Recognizing and Documenting outstanding school leadership is going to be an ongoing process for NCSL. However for the sake of participation at the National Conference the last date for the receipt of the case study is 31st December, 2023. The case studies could be submitted online to with a cc to or a hard copy superscripted with “Celebrating School Leadership Recognizing School Leaders – 2023” and be addressed to Dr. Kashyapi Awasthi, Asst. Professor, National Centre for School Leadership, National Institute of Education Planning and Administration, 17-B Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110016. For any query in this regards you may write at or

Last Date

Last date for submission of a detailed research abstracts (500 words) is 31st December, 2023. Full length paper should be submitted by 15th of January, 2024.

Celebrating School Leadership II PDF

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