NIEPA School Leadership Course 6 Leading Partnerships

Course 6

Leading Partnerships


Children from diverse socio-economic background come to school with different experiences. When their social and emotional needs are addressed, they are able to relate to school and learn better. Schools have the opportunity to enrich the lives of their students by engaging with parents and other stakeholders to ensure that every child learns. In this context it has been recognized by policymakers, educators and others involved in education that there is a need to build healthy partnerships with parents, community and the system at different levels so as to utilize available resources effectively and to provide quality education to all the children. Developing Partnerships in education is beneficial for many reasons. It enables us to make education context specific and to develop strategies to improve access, participation, retention and improve quality. For strengthening partnerships in education, it is important to understand the significance and different ways of establishing home-school partnership, school-community partnership, and school-system level partnership; how it works, what benefits it can yield, and what we should expect in the process of building partnership with different stakeholders. This course would help you as a school head in developing and strengthening such partnerships with your school for the holistic development of children.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  1. Understand the role of different stakeholders for school improvement
  2. Develop an understanding of the challenges, strengths, and possibilities of home school partnership.
  3. Develop understanding of mutual expectation of school and community and how to balance these expectations
  4. Understand the importance of formation and sustaining of Professional Learning Community

Units :

  1. Identifying and engaging with different stakeholders
  2. Working with Community
  3. Working with the system

Duration: 3 Hours

Mode of Practice and Assessment:Individual Reflection and Multiple Choice Questions

Course Teacher :Dr. Sunita Chugh

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