NIEPA School Leadership Course 5 Leading Innovations

Course 5

Leading Innovations


Innovations are the most practical means to solve the problems for school change. Innovations provide opportunity for school heads, teachers and students to take risks, use creativity and think out-of-the box to solve issues, challenges and problems. It builds confidence among teachers and students and develops an attitude of “Yes, I can”. Joyful learning and meaningful teaching through innovations constitutes a normal school practice and process. Innovations can be considered as potential spaces to involve all for practicing inclusiveness in the school. The journey of the Schools using innovations can be termed as ‘Good-to-Great-to-Innovate’. To enable schools to become the hub of innovations for learning, it is important to build the culture of innovations in which the role of school head to lead school innovations is crucial. To begin the journey in this direction, it pertinent to understand the meaning, scope and significance of Innovation for school improvement that triggers curiosity among school heads to lead innovations in their respective school.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  1. Understand the criteria for a change to be called an innovation
  2. Develop a perspective on initiating and sustaining innovations at classroom and school levels
  3. Develop deeper insights on innovations

Units :

  1. Understanding Innovations
  2. Innovations at Classroom level
  3. Innovations at School level
  4. Knowing more about Innovations

Duration: 6 Hours

Mode of Practice and Assessment:Individual Reflection, Multiple Choice Questions and True or false questions.

Course Teacher :Dr. N.Mythili

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