NIEPA School Leadership Course 4 Building and Leading Teams

Course 4

Building and Leading Teams


A common goal calls for cooperative effort by members of a TEAM. Building and Leading Teams invites you to explore, discover and embrace possibility thinking. Team building is set off when a group of people with complementary personal strengths commit to achieve certain focused performance results. You could think of it as an exciting journey from ‘What if I …?’ to ‘What if WE …?’ Leadership, particularly as Leaders of Learning in Schools, is a call to exercise Leadership in various ways. Leadership among other things also includes providing guidance, building and leading a team, taking charge and exerting influence. A leader is called to effectively coordinate and enable the individual, team and task. More often than not, it has been realized that a single person alone cannot solve a problem. Hence, team learning, networks and collaborative engagement are emerging as some of the effective strategies for organizing collective engagement and improvement in the educational and other related fields. In Building and Leading Teams you are invited to recognize the concept of a team, explore different stages of team development and discover spaces for purposeful dialogue within your school.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  1. Understand the basics of team and its significance
  2. Become aware of different stages of team building
  3. Lead staff meetings as effective teams for school improvement

Units :

  1. Understanding Teams
  2. Team Building Process
  3. Leading Teams- developmental Staff Meetings

Duration: 6 Hours

Mode of Practice and Assessment: Individual Reflection and Multiple Choice Questions

Course Teacher :Dr. Charu Smita Malik


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