NIEPA School Leadership Course 3 Transforming Teaching Learning Process

Course 3

Transforming Teaching Learning Process


Transforming Teaching Learning Process is a very important key area because the work that you do in your school revolves around teaching and learning. As a school head your main concern would be on how to improve the achievement of students of your school. This course, through its various components, would enable you to understand how to become leaders in your school for transforming the teaching learning process. The themes covered in this course range from reflections on purpose of education, providing opportunities to children for creative thinking and inquiry, teachers as facilitators of learning, the need for professional development of teachers and different strategies of empowering teachers’ professional knowledge and skills. With the help of these themes, this course attempts to help you conceptualize school as a place for exploration and creativity while at the same time, enable you to make classroom processes creative and child centric. This course will make you reflect, analyze and ponder on yourself, your school, teachers and most important children-with the prime aim of making the school a joyful place for the child to be in and flourish in accordance to his/her potential.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  1. Understand the purpose of education
  2. Understand and apply innovative methods of teaching
  3. Understand and apply strategies for professional development of teachers so as to enhance effectiveness of classroom processes

Units :

  1. Purpose of Education
  2. Understanding Child Centered Pedagogy
  3. Developing Teacher as a Professional
  4. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Classroom Processes

Duration: 6 Hours

Mode of Practice and Assessment: Individual Reflection and Multiple Choice Questions

Course Teacher :Dr. Subitha GV


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