NIEPA School Leadership Course 2 Developing Self

Course 2

Developing Self


This key area makes you focus on your self and become aware of your attitudes and capabilities. It enables you to develop your confidence further, which happens when you bring about a change within your self and/or outside of your self. We make this happen by helping you start with the practice of ‘reflection’ as a way of self-learning. Through this, you can think-question-rethink on your attitudes and actions and bring about the desired changes, in order to become an effective leader. We believe that this process will alter your attitude to that of “Yes, I can!’’ especially when faced with a challenge and help you emerge as a leader for transforming your school. It is only when you are able to bring about a change in your self that you can influence others by presenting yourself as a role model and as a problem solver. These attributes are essential for you to have as you begin your journey on to school leadership.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  1. Understand why developing self is important for school leadership
  2. Begin initiating changes in one’s self to become an effective leader
  3. Develop the right attitude for approaching concerns in one’s personal and professional life

Units :

  1. Self in the Context of School
  2. Understanding Self
  3. Self in Relation to Others

Duration: 6 Hours

Mode of Practice and Assessment: Individual Reflection and Multiple Choice Questions

Course Teacher :Dr. Charu Smita Malik


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